Serwo Schamutzki

“ A name like a poem."
DJ names that we didn't make up...


This is Serwo Schamutzki

"Serwo Schamutzki" is an electronic music producer who goes through marrow and bone with his live performance as a live act. His music captivates with warm, powerful sounds and grooving beats. Like a brush stroke, sweeping melodies form through his entire sound worlds.
But Serwo Schamutzki is not only convincing live. His releases as a producer and artist are also impressive. Releases at Ministry of Sound, Agogo-Records, Deja-Tunes, Damm-Records, Deich-Records, Fachwerk Studios, Time-Tools-Recording... have confirmed his manifold projects (Serwo Schamutzki, Trommellichter, Serwo & Kosta). Artists like Bebetta, Florian Meindl, Hidden Jazz Quartett, Kelis, Bernardo Garcia or Manuel Heusnare appreciate his remix art. His tracks are played by e.g. Timo Maas, Mason, Bebetta, and Wankelmut.... with success.

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From nowhere to somewhere
"Serwo doesn't stand out for his high follower count, or for his high reach on the web. He makes music out of passion and first and foremost for himself. If others like it and people dance to it and feel emotions...
that is the greatest honor for him."

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